Nationally Deployed Intergraph Public Safety and Security Customers Honored for Achievements through use of Technology

Deployment of Intergraph software in New Zealand improves interoperability to facilitate information sharing among disparate systems.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., August 12, 2010

The Institute of Public Administration New Zealand (IPANZ) presented the New Zealand Police and the New Zealand Fire Service, both Intergraph public safety and security customers, with its annual Excellence in Networked Government Award. The award honors “outstanding performance and achievement in the use of information and communications technologies and networks in the daily business of government.”

The New Zealand Police and New Zealand Fire Service, as well as St. John Emergency Communications and Central Emergency Communications, were recognized for their use of technology to transfer of real-time incident data between emergency services agencies, regardless of the computer aided dispatch (CAD) provider. This successful transmission of data has facilitated faster multi-agency dispatch and incident response to save lives and protect property throughout New Zealand’s 103,737 sq mi (268,680 sq km).

Through Intergraph’s interoperability software, the Intergraph computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems in use by the police and fire service successfully interface with CAD systems used by the ambulance service and St. John Emergency Communications and Central Emergency Communications. This system interoperability has been integral to information sharing across agencies and has helped optimize emergency response resource management and mutual aid efforts, enabling first responders to deliver a higher level of emergency services.

“It is not uncommon that an incident requires response by more than one agency to maximize response resources and mitigate the impact of the situation,” said Superintendent Andy McGregor, national manager, Communications Centres, New Zealand Police. “We are proud to serve as a model for emergency services around the world about what can be achieved when you embrace technology that ultimately provides faster and more effective incident response to the communities we serve. It is an honor honored to be recognized with the IPANZ award for Networked Government.”

“The IPANZ awards not only recognize where the frontier has shifted in terms of the quality and effectiveness of public services, but it is a reminder to all in government of how much the expectations placed upon them keep changing,” said Len Cook, president of IPANZ.  “The quality of government has a huge influence on New Zealand’s place in the world, and these awards put a spotlight on the sort of performance that needs to become the norm, in the future.”

“This award confirms the benefits, efficiency and scalability of Intergraph’s public safety and security software when deployed nationally,” said John K. Graham, president, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. “We salute the New Zealand Police and the New Zealand Fire Service, as well as St. John Emergency Communications and Central Emergency Communications, for their commitment to technology to advance the efforts of their first responders to serve and protect the people of New Zealand.”

In addition to New Zealand, Intergraph public safety and security solutions also have been successfully deployed nationwide in Belgium and Portugal.

Intergraph is the leading global provider of public safety and security emergency incident response, reporting, analysis and records management solutions. One in 12 people in the world is protected by Intergraph public safety and security solutions. Intergraph solutions protect the largest and most complex cities and government installations in the world.

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