Mississippi Department of Transportation Selects Intergraph’s MLRS Solution

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 08, 2011

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) recently selected Intergraph’s Multilevel Linear Referencing System (MLRS) to streamline the management of road network data for the entire state.

Like many State DOT’s, MDOT faces substantial challenges when managing the multiple linear referencing systems that represent their roadways. An effective solution must enable them to properly maintain location information for event data as the road network changes, utilize the multiple cartographic representations used to represent their network, support varying location reference methods (LRMs), and temporally analyze network data.

“Intergraph’s MLRS enables us to accurately maintain data about Mississippi’s entire road system in one centralized location, eliminating redundancy to save money and time and increase accuracy by reducing the likelihood of human error. It’s also flexible enough to then represent that same data to either state or local-level audiences using frames of reference that are the most meaningful and useful to them,” said Ray Barksdale, Mississippi Department of Transportation. “Additionally, the temporal information we can maintain with MLRS allows us to see event locations in relation to the road alignment at certain points in time, helping us evaluate the effectiveness of changes we make so we can ensure we’re successfully addressing the needs of the driving public.” said Ray Barksdale, Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Intergraph is a leading provider of geospatially powered solutions that facilitate the management of complex transportation systems. One of the core Intergraph solutions for the transportation industry is the Multilevel Linear Referencing System, a comprehensive solution for building, maintaining, and analyzing a multilevel linear referencing system representing road networks, including a complete set of editing tools.

With MLRS, the base network can represent multiple linear referencing methods (LRMs) including county-route-logmile, street name-address, and intersection-offset, and can be displayed using multiple geometric representations. MLRS also supports the incorporation of temporal information during maintenance and analysis of the data, contributing to the stability of event locations in relation to the network. MLRS enables the creation of a detailed and accurate temporal record through tools that allow time-stamping of all data changes, both administrative changes and those reflecting real-world alterations to the road network. These tools enable you to deploy a temporal LRS.

Previously, many counties in Mississippi maintained their own local road network data, and some lacked the ability to properly map their roads. With the new MLRS solution from Intergraph, MDOT will centralize the maintenance and delivery of this data to become the definitive source of road information for the state of Mississippi. Prior to acquiring Intergraph’s MLRS solution, MDOT used three different linear reference systems and a series of CAD drawings to represent the state’s complete set of road data. With MLRS, MDOT can consolidate the information from these sources into a single flexible dataset. Streamlining this workflow supports maintenance efforts as well as the different LRM and geometric representation needs of network data consumers at both state and local levels.

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