Intergraph provides state-wide internal GIS portal of Hesse Administration for Land Management and Geoinformation

Federal State of Hesse, Germany, relies on standardized system platform for GIS related processes.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 14, 2012

The final acceptance has been effected recently for the state-wide internal GIS portal of Hesse Administration for Land Management and Geoinformation - HVBG, Germany. In autumn 2010, the HVBG (Hessische Verwaltung für Bodenmanagement und Geoinformation) commissioned Intergraph to implement the "HVBG GIS portal". The implementation was completed in summer 2011, followed by several months of live operation, which has been successfully passed. Intergraph's GeoMedia Smart Client solution is the central system component for HVBG's GIS strategy. Hesse Administration for Land Management and Geoinformation is responsible for planning, steering, organizing and implementing all the measures related to sustainable urban and rural development. To this end, data and services from land surveying and land registers, particularly official geoinformation, are a major resource. Hesse Administration for Land Management and Geoinformation (formerly called Hesse Land Register and Survey Administration) has been using Intergraph's technology since the mid-1990s.

A special feature of the newly established state-wide internal GIS portal is that it has been designed for many more than 1,500 users and ensures the fully automatic supply of all the official basic geospatial data of HVBG. This includes ALKIS (German Official Real Estate Cadastre Information System) data and ATKIS (German Official Topographic Cartographic Information System) data as well as digital ortho photos. HVBG's GIS portal will be used throughout the Hesse State Office for Land Management and Geoinformation (HLBG) and subordinate agencies (Agencies for Land Management - ÄfB). In addition to providing basic geospatial data, Intergraph's GeoMedia Smart Client within the "HVBG GIS portal" serves as a strategic platform for specific GIS projects including TIMOR (topographical information management), the development of land reallocation plans and real estate value assessment.

The government decision to opt for Intergraph in autumn 2010 was due to the good practical experience it had gained with various Intergraph applications used within HLBG and subordinate agencies. For instance, the Agency for Land Management at Heppenheim has been efficiently using GeoMedia Smart Client (formerly known as GeoMedia ResPublica) since 2003. What is more, various decentral WebGIS projects had been implemented in the State of Hesse in recent years, all based on Intergraph solutions. The successful installation of the state-wide "HVBG GIS portal" includes the central consolidation of Intergraph's technology with integrated automatic data updating, which is a component of the IT infrastructure installed across HVBG. Thus, GeoMedia Smart Client and the related workflow manager offer a future-proof platform for mapping geospatial processes at HVBG.

"Intergraph is a solution partner for various units of HVBG and has clearly demonstrated its proficiency" explains Dr. Hansgerd Terlinden, the President of Hesse State Office for Land Management and Geoinformation. "The state-wide GIS portal will considerably enhance our ability to offer consultancy to our various customers in the Federal State of Hesse." Dr.-Ing. Thomas Rossmanith, the head of public relations, organisation and law, as well as project leader for the "HVBG GIS portal" project at the Hesse State Office for Land Management and Geoinformation, adds: "The use of the state-wide GIS portal with its decentralised administration by seven Hesse agencies for land management and by the Hesse State Office for Land Management and Geoinformation will help drive our GIS and SDI expertise altogether. This will optimize internal business processes and form a core building block for customer consultancy in the area of GIS and INSPIRE."

"We're proud to assist the Hesse Administration as a long-standing customer, and the HVBG GIS portal will strengthen our close cooperation with this customer", says Dr. Horst Harbauer, Senior Vice President at Intergraph SG&I EMEA.

Besides Intergraph, Intergraph's partner CISS TDI GmbH was also involved in the project. CISS TDI was responsible for the automatic data migration from the central AFIS/ALKIS/ATKIS data management component in the Federal State of Hesse.

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About Hesse Administration for Land Management and Geoinformation (HVBG)
HVBG is an advanced and future-oriented administration of the Federal State of Hesse and has some 1,600 employees. It is divided into the State Office for Land Management and Geoinformation (HLBG) as an intermediate authority as well as seven agencies for land management (ÄfB) with five branch offices and contact points. HVBG combines Hesse's land surveying, land register and land reallocation agencies. Its core competencies include management of the land register, thereby ensuring security for real estate property. HVBG drives the sustainable and ecological development of rural and urban areas based on land consolidation and land holdings law for urban development. By providing land register and land surveying data, HVBG delivers basic geospatial data that serves as a basis for various specific information systems (e.g. public utilities and waste management, environmental information and traffic). Furthermore, it provides uniform and official spatial data to localize all land and landscape related information. HVBG coordinates Hesse's Spatial Data infrastructure (SDI Hesse) to allow a meaningful use of dispersed geospatial data. With its offices of real estate valuation expert committees, HVBG provides transparency for real estate markets by determining and delivering topical market data (real estate value assessment). For more information, visit