Intergraph Provides Complete Infrastructure Management Solution to Large German Public Transportation Organization

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., April 12, 2012

Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (RNV), one of the largest public transportation organizations in Germany, selects Intergraph’s Geospatial Transportation Asset Management System (GeoTrAMS) to establish a GIS to manage its entire infrastructure data, encompassing stops, switches or points, common crossings, expansion joints and track system.

During the initial implementation stage, GeoTrAMS will be used in RNV’s infrastructure department, followed by incremental deployments that will build into a comprehensive information system for the organization. With GeoTrAMS, RNV can document its entire rail track system, as well as its switches, crossings, rail and movement joints, and manage all stopping points, including timetables, plates and signage.

GeoTrAMS offers modules to manage the entire network infrastructure. This includes a video-logging module, which provides quick access to calibrated video of the track as well as the ability to take ‘real-world’ measurements from within the video images. RNV plans to integrate video-logging into its infrastructure to retrieve visual information on the tracks’ surroundings for every position along its routes.

Using Intergraph’s GeoMedia Smart Client and GeoMedia Transportation Manager, GeoTrAMS is one of the few web-based systems for tram and light-rail infrastructure to be built on a standard GIS platform. Its open technology supports access to online data sources and its simple interface provides organization-wide access to powerful GIS functions.

“GeoTrAMS combines the power of a standard GIS and the specific functionality for public transportation infrastructure into one solution based on a central standard database,” states Natascha Dörr, Project Manager, RNV. “Intergraph’s GeoTrAMS will significantly reduce the time it takes to retrieve information on our assets. Because everyone at RNV is getting access to the same centrally stored information, we will greatly minimize data misinterpretations and inconsistencies. Furthermore, GeoTrAMS is flexible and adaptable enough to be integrated into our existing IT landscape according to our own needs.”

RNV is scheduled for full production with GeoTrAMS in September 2012. The organization will implement GeoTrAMS enterprise-wide for all workflows, including maintenance support for field crews and accurate data delivery for RNV’s planners. Furthermore, RNV will use Intergraph’s solution as a strategic tool for future investment plans regarding maintenance and extension of railway infrastructure.

“The transportation industry is challenged with growing financial pressures and the need to implement new, flexible concepts that increase safety and quality of service while saving time and money,” says Robert Widz, Intergraph Executive Director Geospatial, EMEA. “The selection of GeoTrAMS allows RNV to not only respond to these pressures, but also move to the forefront of innovation for German public transportation organizations.”

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About Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH
Rhine-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (RNV) has originated from the previous companies HSB, VBL, RHB, MVV Verkehr and MVV OEG. RNV has been operating its city and tram lines, as well as its train and bus lines, since the beginning of 2005. With its public transportation offerings, RNV serves the Rhine-Neckar region, the European metropolitan area between the Palatine Woods and Odenwald. RNV also provides bus services in the South Hessian region with its two subsidiaries, V-Bus GmbH and Omnibusbetrieben Beth GmbH.

During normal business hours on weekdays, RNV is transporting nearly half a million passengers by bus and train per day. With more than 1,800 employees, 190 trams and light railways and nearly 200 buses, RNV provides an attractive public transport system. RNV also makes an important contribution to climate protection with its environmentally friendly public transport that alleviates road networks. RNV has established itself as the most important provider of public mass-transit in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. For more information, visit