Intergraph Mobile Responder Technology Enables Access to CAD System on Mobile Devices

Mobile Responder technology provides up-to-date information to field personnel on smartphones and tablets.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 04, 2013

Intergraph recently announced Mobile Responder, giving personnel in the field access to Intergraph's computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system on a mobile device. Accessible on Apple iPads, iPhones, and Google Android smartphones and tablets, Mobile Responder can be used as a standalone unit or as an extension to Intergraph's Mobile for Public Safety software. Because smartphones and tablets are cheaper to deploy than laptop computers, Mobile Responder enables agencies to provide more field personnel with the technology and reduce costs.

Mobile Responder takes advantage of the GPS capabilities in smartphones, and provides police, fire and emergency management personnel access to critical information outside of response vehicles. For example, firefighters can take a smartphone or tablet into a building to gain situational awareness, or the location of police officers can be instantly known while they are on foot at an incident.

"Mobile Responder changes the way emergency personnel function in the field. Having the technology to be in direct contact with the CAD system while in the field keeps them safer in dangerous situations," said Kalyn Sims, vice president, public safety portfolio, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. "Using Mobile Responder, personnel can also create or update an event from the field, saving time and increasing accuracy."

The easy-to-use software streamlines processes and supports intuitive workflows, ensuring accuracy. With Mobile Responder, organizations save time and money with fast deployment, shorter training times and simple updates. Intergraph's solution also reduces radio traffic for dispatchers and simplifies the role for the call taker.

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