Intergraph Incident Management Software Advances Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Emergency Response Efforts

Integrated software suite promotes interoperability and information sharing for faster, more effective response in Florida’s largest county.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., July 14, 2010

Palm Beach (Fla.) County Fire Rescue (PBCFR) has successfully deployed Intergraph public safety and security incident management software to advance its mission to save lives and protect property in Florida’s largest county.

PBCFR has 49 fire stations and provides dispatch services to an additional 22 municipal stations throughout Palm Beach County to serve the county’s 1.2 million residents. From the dispatch center, to the stations and in the 165 fire and rescue vehicles, every operational PBCFR employee is utilizing Intergraph incident management software to communicate and make split-second decisions for faster incident response.

Intergraph software empowers PBCFR personnel in their response efforts by providing greater interoperability and information sharing capabilities to ensure responders have the reliable data they need to make informed decisions. Additionally, fire and rescue personnel and dispatchers are leveraging the latest generation incident management software to advance situational awareness for optimized emergency response and a more streamlined 9-1-1 dispatch process.

“Palm Beach County Fire Rescue personnel are committed to ensuring the residents, guests, and visitors in our community a secure and superior quality of life by maintaining the highest state of readiness, dedication, and compassion,” said Evan Bestland, division chief, Technology Services, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. “Intergraph’s public safety and security software is vital to our responders for integrating and managing large volumes of data for situational awareness and the most effective and efficient incident prevention and response.”

“Agencies around the world rely on Intergraph’s public safety and security software to transform vast amounts of data into actionable information that can be used to prevent and respond to emergency incidents,” said Jeff Robertson, vice president and general manager, Intergraph Public Safety. “Palm Beach County Fire Rescue leverages Intergraph incident management software to facilitate faster emergency response and improved resource management between agencies to save lives and protect property.”

Intergraph integrated incident management software features the award-winning Intergraph Interoperability Framework, based on Microsoft BizTalk for multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional data sharing, which becomes the platform for supporting industry standards, such as the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). It includes more simplified workflows to streamline dispatch tasks for quicker and more accurate decision making. It also supportsnew and emerging mobile trends through a platform compatible with Internet Protocol V.6, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system and Oracle 11g database. Intergraph’s incident management software version 9.0 advances situational awareness by enabling users to easily toggle between the system map and consumer maps, such as Microsoft Bing and Google Maps.

Intergraph is the leading global provider of public safety and security emergency incident response, reporting, analysis and records management solutions. One in 12 people in the world is protected by Intergraph public safety and security solutions.

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