Intergraph Helps Zurich Protection & Rescue Consolidate Command and Control Centers

Prime Center at Zurich Airport boosts efficient use of resources and speeds emergency response times.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., December 15, 2011

The service department of the Zurich City Police Department, Zurich Protection & Rescue (Schutz & Rettung Zürich – SRZ), in partnership with Intergraph, has completed the first milestone in consolidating its two command-and-control centers – ELZ Zurich and ELZ Airport – into one joint Prime Center. The new control center at Zurich Airport will contain 17 I/Dispatcher workstations, which can be supplemented in emergency situations by 14 I/Calltaker emergency workstations. The other existing ELZ Zurich control center, which is already equipped with Intergraph software, will operate as a redundant alternate control center when the new command-and-control center is complete.

Intergraph is leading the project, partnering with Frequentis (radio system) and AVS (imaging system). Consolidation began in May 2011, with the first phase completed in September 2011.

The new command and control center is scheduled to be fully operational in November 2012, and will perform all the functions previously performed at the two separate centers. These include accepting emergency calls for the fire department and emergency medical services, scheduling emergency resources, receiving alarms from hazard alert systems, mobilizing and scheduling various on-call services and specialists, performing mandates outside the Canton, and coordinating with other agencies during major incidents.

“With this new redundant control center, we can stride into the future with good conscience,” said Theo Flacher, Chief of Operational Support at Zurich Protection & Rescue. “We will take maximum precautions in order to limit vulnerability to a minimum and satisfy the safety-related needs of corresponding populations, patients, clients, and other stakeholders.”

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About Zurich Protection & Rescue
Zurich Protection & Rescue (Schutz & Rettung Zürich) is the largest civil rescue organization in Switzerland. Fire department, rescue service, civil defense, operational control centers and fire police are under its umbrella. Zurich Protection & Rescue is a service department of the Zurich City Police Department and is integrated in the City of Zurich Emergency and Disaster Organization as well as the Canton of Zurich and the Federation. The Zurich Airport rescue services with their operational areas and services have also been integrated in Zurich Protection & Rescue since January 1, 2008. For more information, visit