Forward-thinking Public Safety Departments Harness the Power of Analytics

St. Petersburg, District of Columbia and Alberta reap benefits of Intergraph's Business Intelligence.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., October 21, 2013

Leading public safety agencies from across North America have selected Intergraph's Business Intelligence (BI) solution to analyze patterns and trends within data to monitor incidents, measure response times and positively affect performance.

St. Petersburg, Florida, Police Department is the latest agency to benefit from managing and accessing large amounts of data. It joins Maricopa County, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; and Washington, D.C.'s, Office of Unified Communications, in selecting Intergraph's Business Intelligence to better anticipate problems and more effectively distribute resources. Louisville, Kentucky's public safety center, MetroSafe, and Alberta Health Services in Canada are also long-time users of Intergraph's Business Intelligence for Public Safety solutions.

"The OUC selected Intergraph's BI solution to consolidate reports generated by multiple agencies and provide consistent data analysis for the District's public safety computer-aided dispatch system utilized by the government's emergency response agencies," said Jennifer Greene, director of Washington D.C.'s Office of Unified Communications (OUC). "The implementation will also allow the OUC to be able to use near real-time dashboards and database analytics for efficient resource management."

Alberta Health Services selected Intergraph's BI solution after recognizing the need to further consolidate data to provide a "single source of truth" to efficiently manage resources, speed response and optimize performance to best serve the citizens of Alberta.

"As a public entity, AHS is held to high transparency and accountability standards, said Jim Garland, executive director, Alberta Health Services (AHS). "Business Intelligence helps us increase confidence by assessing and communicating performance."

Intergraph is also now offering BI Enterprise, which allows agencies in the U.S. and Canada to expand Intergraph's BI Premium solution to include data from other non-Intergraph sources. By adding this BI Enterprise license, users can analyze information from external systems, such as evidence applications, human resources systems, or e-citation data. By using the full enterprise power of Business Intelligence, agencies have access to a complete view that improves their insight into current situations and historical data, resulting in improved performance and cost savings.

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