Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups Select Intergraph’s G/Water Utility Geographic Information System

Intergraph’s solution will help Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups accurately manage water and waste water networks.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., April 24, 2012

The Greater Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups, a consortium of city and county councils, selected Intergraph’s G/Water utility geographic information system to help the region respond to the increasing pressures on water services and the environment. Fingal County Council acted as lead buyer on behalf of the Greater Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups. The rigorous selection process employed attracted interest from fourteen of the leading suppliers of utility GIS across the world.

Serving more than 1.4 million customers in the Dublin Region and producing more than 540 million liters of high quality drinking water each day, the Group was in need of an efficient management of water and waste water networks. Intergraph’s solution will allow the Greater Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups to have access to accurate information on the location, nature and condition of infrastructure.

During recent years, the demand for water services in the wider Dublin area has increased at an unprecedented rate due to strong economic and demographic growth. In addition to pressure on supply, the requirements to dispose of water, once used, have also increased. At the same time the standard required of water services has become more onerous due to recent EU Directives and the corresponding Irish legislation.

Intergraph’s G/Water system will provide the Group with a modern geospatial platform, which, in addition to mapping the water networks, will also analyze asset and operational records in order to better inform critical planning and operational decisions. The G/Water system provided by Intergraph and its Irish partner IMGS, assures a rapid implementation of the core system, deployment of web software for data access and tools for creating specific business applications, both web and desktop, complying therefore to the customers main requirements, and supporting the need to consolidate and extend the functions of a number of disparate legacy mapping systems.

“Intergraph UK highly appreciates this opportunity to work with Greater Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups to deliver, in partnership with IMGS, a next generation GIS based on the G/Water solution, built specifically for water industry customers in the UK,” said Alun Pearsey, Intergraph Country Manager UK.

“Fingal County Council is delighted with its selection of Intergraph and its partner IMGS, to supply and maintain a next-generation Water & Drainage GIS for the Greater Dublin Area. The adoption by Fingal of this commercial-off-the-shelf solution for the Water and Drainage services in the region will enable Fingal County Council to focus on the business of delivering benefit today while proactively preparing for the challenges ahead. It also goes without saying that while it is always Fingal’s objective to improve efficiency we have no doubt that, in modernising the regional GIS, we will enhance business operations, reduce costs and improve the quality of service to people and businesses in the region,” said Lar Spain, Senior Engineer, Water and Drainage Operations at Fingal County Council.

Ciarán Kirk, IMGS Technical Director, expressed their delight “to partner with Intergraph on the implementation of the first GIS of its kind in Ireland that centrally manages the drainage and water services for the region and moves away from existing stove pipe disparate solutions”.

“This award adds another customer for G/Water and further validates Intergraph’s strategy to develop focused industry solutions that meet the high demands placed on the modern GIS in supporting the business needs of such organisations,” added Alun Pearsey, Intergraph Country Manager UK.

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About Greater Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups
The Greater Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups comprise the following authorities: Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, South Dublin County Council, Kildare County Council, Wicklow County Council, and Meath County Council.

Every day 540 million litres of high quality drinking water is produced and supplied to over 1.4 million customers in the Dublin Region. Dublin City Council is responsible for supplying 70% of this water with 30% supplied by Fingal County Council. Water is distributed to customers in Dublin City and in the South Dublin, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, Fingal, Kildare, North Wicklow and parts of Meath through a network of service reservoirs and over 9,000 km of pipes.

The region is also served by over 7,200 km of foul and surface water pipes and a number of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Ringsend being the largest. In addition there are over 160,000 manholes in the region serving both the foul and surface water network. The investment in the GIS is part of a wider water and wastewater strategy that also includes major engineering works such as the Water Supply Project, which is to provide a reliable and sustainable water supply for the Greater Dublin Region into the foreseeable future, the Greater Dublin Drainage Project, which is to provide for the strategic drainage needs of the region and the Dublin Region Watermains Rehabilitation Project, which is replacing old mains in order to reduce leakage.

About IMGS
IMGS deliver and support GIS solutions that help their clients manage valuable geographically-dispersed networked assets across the island of Ireland. IMGS have over 50 clients including all 34 local authorities, eircom, the Electricity Supply Board (ESB),and the Local Government Computer Services Board (LGCSB).

IMGS have a long track record in developing and supporting GIS for national network companies such as ESB and eircom as well as in working with the water, road, planning and GIS departments in Local Authorities across the country. In fact currently in Ireland the majority of fresh water networks are managed using software supported or developed by IMGS.