City of Richmond Chooses Intergraph’s Interoperability Framework to Integrate Alarms with Computer-Aided Dispatch

Intergraph interoperability solution processes XML NIEM-conformant data from alarm companies to reduce response times.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 27, 2012

The City of Richmond, Virginia, has deployed Intergraph’s Interoperability Framework (IIF) for intelligent convergence of alarms and applications in its public safety organization. Intergraph’s premium enterprise interoperability and information-sharing platform, IIF allows the City of Richmond to more efficiently and effectively deliver public safety services to its residents. By interfacing IIF with Intergraph’s CAD (I/CAD) system, dispatchers can accept calls for service from private alarm companies directly into I/CAD using APCO and ANSI-certified external alarm standards known as the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP). This eliminates operator intervention in the call-entry process and shaves precious minutes off the time needed to deploy resources.

An Intergraph customer since 2005, the City of Richmond was familiar with Intergraph’s capabilities and knew the company could easily process XML NIEM conformant data from alarm monitoring companies. The software has been deployed at the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) and receives calls for alarms directly, eliminating the delay that resulted from manual intervention.

Once the alarm company receives an alarm from one of its customers, its operators will immediately verify if the alarm is accidental or a valid alarm. If valid, the alarm company will send the data directly to the PSAP. Once the I/CAD system receives the data, the system will forward it to the appropriate dispatcher for assignment to a patrol car. When the alarm is high priority, the system immediately notifies all patrol officers of the event on their Mobile Data Computers before the voice dispatch is made.

“Intergraph is pleased to see the City of Richmond, and its residents benefit from Intergraph’s continued evolution of enterprise information-sharing and interoperability solutions,” says Jay Stinson, General Manager, U.S. Public Safety & Security, Intergraph. “The IIF represents a continuation of Intergraph’s commitment to interoperability that began in 2002 with Intergraph’s ground-breaking InterCAD product, and continues with its integration of Microsoft BizTalk and its recent acquisition of Augusta Systems and its Edge Frontier technology.”

“Intergraph software has already saved the Richmond PSAP hundreds of hours in call-taker time and has allowed our call-takers to focus more on the 9-1-1 callers,” said Bill Hobgood, Project Manager, City of Richmond. “As a result of Intergraph’s integration with the ASAP program, Richmond has a tool that offers an increase in the likelihood of law enforcement apprehensions, fires more quickly extinguished, and lives saved for actual alarm events due to a rapid response by first responders.”

Intergraph’s Interoperability Framework allows I/CAD to interface to many different applications, which provides the PSAP with full situational awareness and accelerates emergency response.

Intergraph is the leading global provider of public safety emergency incident response, reporting, analysis, and records management solutions. One in 12 people in the world is protected by Intergraph public safety and security solutions.

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