Canadian Emergency Dispatch Center Selects Intergraph’s Business Intelligence to Enhance Reporting to Provincial Health System

Public Safety Communications to implement Business Intelligence for Public Safety for meaningful, timely and transparent reporting to Alberta Health Services and stakeholders.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 26, 2012

As the vital link between citizens in need of assistance and local emergency services, Public Safety Communications (PSC) provides dispatch services within Calgary and portions of southern Alberta. As it continues to enhance its reporting to Alberta Health Services (AHS) and other stakeholders to ensure that measures and information are meaningful and timely, PSC has selected Intergraph's Business Intelligence solution for Public Safety to provide the analytical speed and power to deliver insightful data. Intergraph's Business Intelligence tools will significantly lower the two-to-three week process previously experienced by PSC when generating data on its older workflow system. It will also present an open, transparent look at the service it is providing, while allowing the organization to quickly identify and respond to emergency situations.

PSC is committed to delivering fast and responsive answering, evaluating and dispatching of emergency and non-emergency calls. The speed and quality of PSC’s work directly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency and non-emergency service Albertans receive from first responders. Not only do citizens rely on PSC to get them the help they need in a time of crisis, but also emergency services rely on PSC's quick handling of calls to activate the chain of events necessary for them to respond safely and effectively.

The timely answering of 9-1-1 calls is important to citizens who look to PSC to provide fast response to emergency calls. PSC has set a target Grade of Service to answer 9-1-1 calls within 15 seconds, 95 percent of the time. In 2011, this Grade of Service target was surpassed with the average speed of answer for a call to 9-1-1 of six seconds. In 2011, PSC surveyed callers to 9-1-1 to assess citizen satisfaction. For the fourth consecutive year, callers to 9-1-1 have rated their satisfaction above 90 percent.

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About Public Safety Communications
Public Safety Communications receives, evaluates and dispatches 9-1-1 emergency and non-emergency calls for Calgary Police Service and Calgary Fire Department. It also provides call evaluation and dispatch services within Calgary and portions of southern Alberta for Alberta Health Services ground ambulance operations, as well as fire call evaluation and dispatch services for outlying fire departments. PSC receives almost a million 9-1-1 calls each year. It is a 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year service to all of Calgary and area, linking people in distress to the appropriate, fastest help available.