Alberta Health Services Sees Measurable Results From Intergraph’s Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile and Business Intelligence Solutions

Intergraph technology speeds ambulance response times in Canada’s first provincewide health system.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 19, 2012

Alberta Health Services (AHS), Canada’s first fully integrated, provincewide health system, is utilizing Intergraph’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and mobile technologies to serve the needs of 3.7 million Albertans, plus residents in surrounding areas. AHS has also chosen Intergraph’s business intelligence software to integrate critical analysis and performance monitoring into its workflows.

This end-to-end incident management solution allows AHS to manage its resources by interacting with live, geospatial incident and location data, and displaying it on a wide variety of desktop and mobile platforms and devices. Intergraph’s business intelligence tools unlock that information for downstream use to aid investigations and spot important trends. The agency has already seen measurable results, including a 380 percent reduction in radio transmissions through the use of Intergraph’s mobile application.

“I can’t think of any other product that has been more useful in helping us establish our business model for the province,” said Jim Garland, Executive Director of EMS Dispatch, AHS. “We’re able to help our staff in the field locate callers quickly.”

Using Intergraph technology, all AHS agencies now run on the same platform, providing a common operating picture to dispatchers throughout the province. This enables AHS to quickly dispatch the closest ambulance to a patient in a coordinated health model that enables smarter, faster decision-making.

Garland underscores the importance of this transition. “Consolidating our health system supports the health and community public safety model by providing equitable access for all Albertans, regardless of geographic location,” he said.

For its innovative use of Intergraph solutions in delivering excellent patient care, AHS is a recipient of the 2012 Icon Award, the most prestigious customer honor bestowed by Intergraph’s Security, Government & Infrastructure’s division. AHS received its award at Hexagon 2012, an international users’ conference held annually by Intergraph’s parent company.

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About Alberta Health Services
Alberta Health Services is Canada’s first provincewide, fully integrated health system. It brings together 12 formerly separate health entities to provide emergency healthcare to 3.7 million Albertans and residents in surrounding areas. AHS employs 82,500 staff and 12,000 others in AHS wholly owned subsidiaries.