Training: Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety Boot Camp

Madison, Alabama, United States - Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure
06 March, 12:00 PM - 10 March, 12:00 PM

This course covers the basic setup, configuration, and management of Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety. The course will span an entire week and cover the topics listed below. The classroom price for the course is $1,500/enrollment. If you are interested in registering for the course, please contact the course organizer.


  • Setup the COMM server
    • Configure IIS
    • Install MDTSVR
    • Install MPSRPTGEN
    • Verify IIS configuration and discuss permissions
    • Install UEDELTA
  • Setup the database
    • Modification to the MDT table
    • Create Map files
    • Create Options files
  • Explain the data flow between MPS and the CAD Server
  • Discuss topics
    • Discuss Toolbar buttons
    • Discuss Homepage buttons
    • Discuss Advance menus
    • Discuss stylesheets
    • Discuss edits to the mobileWsgSettings file
    • Discuss the Status Bar
    • Discuss the map
    • Discuss the mobileWsgUseCase.xml file
    • Discuss Monitors and manipulate monitors
    • Discuss reports and modifications to reports
  • Create custom usecases
  • Modify clients


  • Responsibility for the administration, support and maintenance of the I/CAD Interfaces and Mobile Products
  • Working knowledge of Windows. Working knowledge of major networking components, including clients, servers, local area networks, network adapter cards, drivers, protocols, and network operating systems
  • Proficiency using the Windows interface, including the ability to use Windows Explorer to locate, create, and manipulate folders and files, create shortcuts, map network drives, and configure the desktop environment
  • Knowledge of basic computer hardware components, including computer memory, hard disks, central processing units (CPUs), communication and printer ports, display adapters, and pointing devices
  • Experience working with a text editor like Notepad++ and/or WinMerge
  • Experience working with HTML and SQL language
  • Exposure to Javascript, batch scripting, and ASP is a plus but not required

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