Training: I/CAD System Administrator

Madison, Alabama, United States - Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure
11 July, 12:00 PM - 20 July, 12:00 PM

This two week course is designed for individuals responsible for the technical administration, management, and/or support of all aspects of the I/CAD system. Multiple courses will be combined to create the content for this class, including CADDBM, System Administration, Advanced System Administration, System Maintenance, and Interface Administration. Students receive both classroom training and hands-on experience enabling them to perform the basic functions associated with the day-to-day operation and support of an I/CAD System. The classroom price for the course is $3,000/enrollment. If you are interested in registering for the course, please contact the course organizer.


Week 1 - CADDBM, System Administration, and Advanced System Topics

  • Database Maintenance with CADDBM
  • Overview of CADDBM
  • Data Control Matrix
  • CADDBM Bulk Loader
  • Configuring CAD Clients
  • Understanding the Registry
  • Understanding Configuration Files
  • Parameters
  • Command Line
  • Macros
  • Print Templates
  • Monitors and Map Views

Week 2 - Database and System Maintenance

  • Database Topics
  • Oracle Specific Concerns for Managing the CAD DB
  • SQL Server Specific Concerns for Managing the CAD DB
  • Database Redundancy and Recovery
  • RADO
  • SQL Overview
  • Other DB Topics as needed
  • CAD Adminisitration
  • Understanding the Network
  • Understanding the Listener
  • Using Utilities
  • Installing and Setting up Clients
  • NewViwer/NetDispatcher Configuration and Admin
  • Mobile and Interface Admin (if time permits)
  • CAD Support and Maintenance
  • Logging
  • Troubleshooting
  • Regular Maintenance Tasks
  • Maintaining System Documenation


  • Responsibility for the administration, support and maintenance of the I/CAD System
  • Working knowledge of Windows. Working knowledge of major networking components, including clients, servers, local area networks, network adapter cards, drivers, protocols, and network operating systems
  • Proficiency using the Windows interface, including the ability to use Windows Explorer to locate, create, and manipulate folders and files, create shortcuts, map network drives, and configure the desktop environment
  • Knowledge of basic computer hardware components, including computer memory, hard disks, central processing units (CPUs), communication and printer ports, display adapters, and pointing devices
  • Experience working with a text editor like Notepad++ and/or WinMerge
  • Experience working with HTML and SQL language
  • Exposure to Javascript, batch scripting, and ASP is a plus but not required

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