2nd Annual European GeoInformation Symposium & Exhibition

Big Data - Key for Future GeoInformation Services

Berlin, Germany - Hotel Steglitz International
20 June, 01:00 PM - 22 June, 06:00 PM

The second annual European GeoInformation Symposium & Exhibition, organized by AFCEA Europe and the Bundeswehr Geoinformation Service, will focus on how to simultaneously, efficiently, and effectively handle large and constantly growing amounts of related data and datasets to provide guidance for data-driven decision-making. The symposium and tech expo will provide a discussion forum for key industry players, including armed forces and authorities with security responsibilities, as well as the research and industry sectors.

During the tech expo, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure will showcase our data-driven, future-oriented solutions for image management of large data volumes, scalable data processing, and streamlined image analysis in the field of geospatial intelligence.

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