Leveraging Greater Coordination Across Business Systems Within Your Utility

Network Model Management for Utilities.

Recently Snohomish County PUD, Boreas Group, EPRI, and other industry representatives took part in a thought leadership webinar which discussed the various initiatives transforming how leading utilities rely on advanced enterprise and operations-ready network models. More specifically, the webinar focused on how this reliance and usage goes beyond traditional GIS’s of the past.

During this webinar, the panel of experts talked about:

  • Sector-wide changes impacting the utilities market
  • The importance of having advanced enterprise GIS solutions that create true network models to serve various parts of the enterprise
  • Real-world examples of operational excellence associated with these platforms

The dialog between these organizations started after the release of a T&D World white paper titled, “Rethinking Geographic Information Systems: Foundational Changes Making for Greater Operations-Ready Network Models”. Take a minute and watch this great webinar.


Utilities are beginning to look at network model management to maintain the distribution network as well as a foundation for enterprise wide integration. Hexagon believes a network model management solution like Intergraph G/Technology offers a competitive advantage that utilities must leverage to create, manage, and maintain a single version of the network across the enterprise and for users.

To learn more about Hexagon’s network model management and single version of truth solution options, visit our web page.

Pamela Van Asseldonk
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