Controlling the Recovery, Not the Weather

Severe Storm Damage

From California’s flooding to the big freeze across the southeastern United States, severe weather events demand the attention of utility companies across the country. In fact, 2017 has been the second most disaster-laden storm season on record. And the year isn’t over yet.

With severe storms, damage is inevitable, which makes preparation essential. History shows that it’s not only storm prone areas that need a plan; it’s everyone. For utilities, having a damage assessment solution specifically designed to manage the entire service recovery and restoration process could get rate payers back online up to 20 percent faster. And while that might not sound like much, time is money.  If utilities have a price tag of $9,000 per minute for an unplanned outage, a damage assessment solution expediting service restoration can pay for itself rather quickly.

In our latest webinar “Simplified Storm Recovery Through Automation for Your Utility,” we explore weather challenges across the U.S. and the importance of preparing for them. Check it out today.



Kelsey Ryon
About Kelsey Ryon

Kelsey Ryon is a senior marketing specialist for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Utilities, Communications, and Transportation business unit in the U.S. Ryon has more than eight years of experience in the utilities industry including energy, water, transmission, and distribution - gaining valuable insights into the global businesses. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Athens State University.