Managing Major Incidents and Events Around the World

Severe weather aftermath.

From severe weather emergencies to large-scale sporting events, the scope of major incidents and planned events requires multiple agencies and organizations to work together. But with different management structures, protocols, and communication tools, the inability to direct combined resources with common objectives, relevant information, and clear line of command compromises operational efficiency and safety.

It’s true. Incident command system (ICS) standards provide a framework for overcoming these challenges, but most information technology tools lack and inhibit the effective application of ICS standards. Many of these tool only address certain capabilities or stages of an operation. Another issue with these tools is data sets aren’t shared among different applications.

To successfully plan, manage, and respond to major incident and planned events, agencies need a comprehensive ICS tool that harnesses the collective resources of diverse responders and provides a single source of information throughout the entire lifecycle of an operation. And this need is something that response agencies and organizations around the world have.

In this HxGN TV episode, I talk with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Fabian Zwimpfer, Lori Cox, and Rod Martinsen about how Intergraph Planning & Response integrates and coordinates resources, procedures, and communications for individual agencies across jurisdictions and tiers of command. Watch as we discuss how Intergraph Planning & Response is being used by agencies in various parts of the world.



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