Routing Oversize/Overweight Vehicles through Major Metropolitan Areas

Atlanta traffic.

There’s a lot going on in Washington, D.C. every day. And for the city’s department of transportation, District Department of Transportation (DDOT), this is also true. On June 6, we’re hosting a webinar with the DDOT and discussing some of the benefits it has realized by using our oversize/overweight (OS/OW) routing and permitting solutions. Here are a few things you’ll learn by attending our upcoming webinar.

A Model Worth Emulating
With its narrow streets, millions of daily commuters, and record-breaking annual visitors, the DDOT has something in common with many other U.S. cities. And yet, it has some unique challenges only the nation’s capital would deal with on a regular basis. Like other city transportation agencies, the DDOT aims to keep goods and services moving in and out of the city as seamlessly as possible. Unlike the rest, it has The Lincoln Memorial, Dupont Circle, and the Secret Service to accommodate. With such dedication to the quality of life of the area’s citizens, the DDOT continually favors innovation to make improvements, embrace technology, and create a safe environment for its traveling citizens. And that’s what makes the organization’s processes worth mirroring.

Safety First
Keeping roadways safe for drivers is a responsibility that every DOT manages. Discover how the DDOT automates OS/OW vehicle routing and permitting to minimize safety risks for drivers as well as reducing damage to its infrastructure. The DDOT can quickly turn around permits using dynamic GIS routing and active restriction management. This ensures the safety of the traveling public as well as the safety of those in trucking industry. Additionally, they save time for all parties involved, making the OS/OW vehicle drivers’ day safer and less stressful.

Fiscally Fit
Mistakes can cost DOTs a lot of money. Fixing a route miscalculation can cost more than any proactive steps that were taken to prevent it. This is just one reason why technology needs to be used to manage transportation infrastructure, not just in Washington, D.C., but across the U.S. Discover how the DDOT uses our technologies to prevent asset damages while saving drivers’ time and taxpayers’ money.

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