HxGN LIVE: Update for Hands-on Training Sessions

HxGN LIVE 2016

If you’re heading to HxGN LIVE next month, our Hands-On Training sessions are filling up fast. Some sessions are already closed due to high demand. But don’t let that dissuade you. There are plenty of Hands-on Training sessions still available.

Here’s a look at training sessions that are closed and open in our HxGN LIVE Track.

Closed Sessions

Tuesday – June 13

  • 1300 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph CAD System Administration
  • 1301 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS System Administration
  • 1302 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety Boot Camp
  • 1303 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph Business Intelligence Direct Reporting
  • 1304 - Hands-on Training: Mapping: I/Map Editor for ArcGIS

Open Sessions

Wednesday – June 14

  • 6501 - Hands-on Training: How to See the Whole Picture with Intergraph InSight Explorer
  • 6503 - Hands-on Training: How to Administer Intergraph Mobile Responder
  • 6505 - Hands-on Training: How to Configure Alerts in Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS
  • 6806 - Hands-on Training: Improving Customer Outage Experience with Advanced Restoration Time & Outage Notifications
  • 6807 - Hands-on Training: Unleash the Power of Legend Builder
  • 6809 - Hands-on Training: Improve Your Organization’s Advanced Spatial Analysis Needs with GeoMedia

Thursday – June 15

  • 6500 - Hands-on Training: How to Use Intergraph InSight Reporting to Generate Reports & Dashboards with SSRS & PowerBI
  • 6502 - Hands-on Training: Get the Most from the I/CAD Recommend Unit Function
  • 6504 - Hands-on Training: How to Make the Most of EdgeFrontier
  • 6506 - How to Upgrade Your Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety Tools
  • 6801 - Hands-on Training: Optimizing Storm Management with Intergraph Damage Assessment
  • 6804 - Hands-on Training: Discovering Powerful Data with Intergraph G/DataBrowser
  • 6805 - Hands-on Training: How to Exploit Intergraph G/Technology Data Via Intergraph NetWorks
  • 6808 - Hands-on Training: How to Configure File Attachments & I/AMI Interface Within I/Mobile TC

Friday – June 16

  • 6802 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph NetWorks - Mobile Test Drive
  • 6803 - Hands-on Training: Test Drive Intergraph G/Technology Enhancements

The Hands-on Training sessions that are currently open do not require pre-registration to attend. Seating for these sessions is on a first come, first serve basis. You are strongly encouraged to show up early.

If you haven’t registered for HxGN LIVE yet, there’s still time. And don’t forget to check out our Certificate Programs.

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