HxGN LIVE 2017 Featured Technology: Intergraph InSight Explorer

HxGN LIVE product demo in The Zone

What? Where? Who? Why?

These are just some of the questions public safety agencies have to answer when investigating crimes. And since many key pieces of information appear only in narratives, field interviews, or officer remarks, it can be hard to query, analyze, and use data from these unstructured sources.

To meet this need, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure developed Intergraph InSight Explorer, a self-serve, web-based crime mapping and analysis application for law enforcement agencies. And we can’t wait to show you the product firsthand at HxGN LIVE 2017.

With special sessions that highlight Intergraph InSight Explorer’s robust capabilities and one-on-one demonstrations in The Zone exhibit hall, you’re sure to discover how to see the whole picture with this new solution.

Discover how it can help your agency:

  • Leverage all data from all sources in one application
  • Easily present complex information to executives, political stakeholders, and citizens
  • Save money, improve productivity, and better deploy resources

Since Intergraph InSight Explorer is equipped with seamless, out-of-the-box integration with Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) and Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS, be sure to check out our focused training and sessions on these solutions as well.

Take advantage of all this and more by registering for HxGN LIVE today at the $749 Early Bird rate, a $600 savings off on-site rates.

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