Saskatchewan Government Insurance Improves OS/OW Permitting Process and Road Safety with Automated Routing System

Needing to improve its paper-based permitting system, Saskatchewan Government Insurance deployed an automated oversize/overweight routing system to reduce permitting times, eliminate human error, and improve transportation safety.


The Challenge

Saskatchewan relies on the oil and gas, agriculture, and mining industries to power its economy. The carriers and fleets that support these industries often require oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicle permits from Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

However, SGI’s manual routing system was time-consuming, labor intensive, and vulnerable to human error. SGI permitting agents relied on pens, paper maps, and push pins to determine distances and map the routes required to issue 350 to 400 daily permits.

Truckers, in turn, had to wait for permits. And if routes changed after permits were processed, they faced construction delays and longer routes, as there was no way to communicate new routes to drivers. This resulted in decreased productivity and profitability.

The Solution

In partnership with Hexagon Safety &Infrastructure, SGI launched a new, fully automated OS/OW routing and mapping system, integrated with its existing permitting system, to ensure accuracy, enhance efficiencies, and streamline the process. The automated system now calculates and produces more detailed routes and permits that can ultimately save the driver’s time, protect the province’s infrastructure, and keep roads safer.

SGI personnel utilize the map-based application to establish the route’s starting and ending points and any intermediate stops. The system then automatically creates the optimum route by comparing the vehicle parameters to network restrictions, such as bridge and road weight limits, width and height limits, and any temporary restrictions related to construction or weather. Permits and safe routes are then emailed to customers.

If new restrictions arise after permits have been issued, the system alerts the customer of any route changes through an automated e-mail. This helps truckers avoid costs and better plan for unforeseen events.

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