District Department of Transportation Automates OS/OW Routing and Restriction Management for Safe Roads

Needing to automate its manual oversized/weight vehicle routing process, the DDOT implemented a routing and restriction management solution that streamlines permitting, reduces potential errors, and ensures road safety.


The Challenge

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is responsible for ensuring people and goods move efficiently and safely through Washington, D.C. The department requires a permit for oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicles to travel within the district. While DDOT issues thousands of single-haul, OS/OW permits each year, the process for determining the safest route was manual, cumbersome, costly, and potentially error-prone. It also delayed the issuance of permits, causing a lengthy delay for carriers.

To address these challenges, DDOT needed an automated route planning and restriction management solution for OS/OW vehicles that would seamlessly integrate with its permitting system. The new solution would need to streamline the routing process to ensure road safety, increase operational efficiency, and expedite permits for trucking companies.

The Solution

DDOT selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s software for an automated route planning and restriction management solution, which integrated with the department’s existing permitting system.

With the new automated system, commercial trucking companies and other carriers can input vehicle, load, and location information and request permits. The solution streamlines and automates routing, cross-referencing against transportation infrastructure data and restrictions, before generating the safest route.

Drivers receive detailed maps and driving directions and are alerted if new restrictions arise that would require re-routing. By ensuring the most suitable route, the system helps prevent bridge strikes and other actions that could damage infrastructure and impact public safety.

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