City of Winnipeg Uses Location-Based Data Management Solution

Faced with improving the access and shareability of citywide infrastructure data, the City of Winnipeg’s Water and Waste Department implemented a location-based information management system, streamlining and geo-referencing asset information into a centralized database for multiple departments.

Smart urban landscape of Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada

The Challenge

As a growing metropolitan area, the City of Winnipeg understands the value of geospatial technology as a tool for municipal infrastructure management. The city’s Water and Waste Department is a large civic department comprising three distinct functions – water, wastewater, and solid waste disposal.

The department’s infrastructure database covers a service area of 178 square miles, containing more than 200,000 pipe segments and more than 1,000,000 additional features. Faced with the challenge of improving access to the city’s infrastructure asset information and allowing all city departments to share data, the city’s Water and Waste Department needed an integrated solution that would geo-reference asset information into a centralized database while preserving the accuracy and integrity of existing and new data. The city also wanted a solution with the flexibility to manage land information, public information services, and other areas.

The Solution

The city’s Water and Waste Department selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to integrate GeoMedia into its existing system, giving the department the ability to share and integrate geo-referenced information with all city departments. The system enables the department to maintain and update the city’s water and sewer facilities, all within a single environment.

By using GeoMedia WebMap in conjunction with a homegrown intranet application, iView, city employees can access all spatial information in a format tailored to each department. The department has made great use of this application throughout the city, facilitating quick-and-easy access to infrastructure information through its internal network.

The City of Winnipeg also uses GeoMedia for additional infrastructure management solutions to meet other unique needs. For example, the city’s Insect Control Branch uses a configured application to track trucks and crews. Winnipeg continues to leverage Hexagon solutions as other departments recognize the benefits of adopting and implementing geospatially powered solutions for asset management.

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