City of Baton Rouge Uses Mobile Mapping and GIS Solution

Needing to streamline tree and asset data management, the City of Baton Rouge implemented a mobile GIS and mapping solution, giving field crews the ability to view, capture, edit, validate, and update enterprise GIS data in real time.

Image of urban center of Baton Rouge

The Challenge

The City of Baton Rouge has numerous live oak trees and other foliage that causes conflicts with the city’s power lines. After Hurricane Gustav, the power lines were further compromised by fallen trees and other vegetation.

Since 1995, the City of Baton Rouge has been tracking the impact of vegetation and weather events for maintenance planning and new development projects. In the past, vegetation and asset data collection was performed using a paper-based system and manual data entry.

The City of Baton Rouge needed a system that would allow field crews to view, capture, edit, and update vegetation and asset data directly in the field. It wanted an application that would be easy to use, deployable to smart devices, and compatible with different GIS platforms.

The Solution

The City of Baton Rouge selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to develop a mobile GIS and mapping solution to capture point data and attributes for trees within public servitudes and right-of-way areas.

Powered by Mobile MapWorks, the City of Baton Rouge can rapidly develop and deploy apps that let field crews directly see, edit, validate, and update enterprise GIS data in real time. The app provides data view and capture tools to users in the field via simple-to-use map tools.

Mobile MapWorks provides users the clearest picture of their location by integrating GPS position with map display that can combine vector, image, raster, and consumer mapping data, as well as cached raster data and image uploads. Because it’s a cloud-hosted application delivered over an iOS or Android device, Mobile MapWorks removes paper-based data collection and manual entry, making Baton Rouge’s tree and asset data more reliable, complete, and up to date.

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