Alberta Transportation Implements Infrastructure Data Management System

With many of its operations and maintenance projects outsourced to contractors, Alberta Transportation implemented an infrastructure management solution to streamline real-time data, improve capital planning, and support multiple users via web services.

Aerial view of a sprawling highway

The Challenge

Alberta Transportation manages the planning, construction, and preservation of the province’s highway network, as well as Alberta’s water management infrastructure. With more than 34,000 kilometers of provincial roadways and associated infrastructure, the agency relies on accurate and organized geospatial data to visualize the design, long-term planning, and maintenance of surface roads and highways across the province.

With many of its operations and maintenance projects being outsourced to contractors, Alberta Transportation needed a infrastructure information management system that would integrate and manage data from outside sources, ensure data accuracy, and use web services to improve network access.

The Solution

Alberta Transportation implemented Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s road infrastructure management solution, built on GeoMedia products to enhance its Transportation Information Management System (TIMS) - an enterprise-wide asset management system.

With the implementation of GeoMedia WebMap, the agency can share targeted data with contracted organizations. The software’s web-based, easy-to-use interface and real-time data management supports more informed decisions related to the province’s transportation infrastructure, keeping internal and external users informed on pertinent areas of concern.

The combined solutions improve access, integrity, and visibility of transportation network data. Regional offices can view maps, aerial photos, video, and other highway data through a single source. Updates are propagated throughout the network, ensuring all users can work with accurate information. The system is also used as a single point of entry for all boundary data.

By incorporating an infrastructure management system centered on streamlining network data, improving the capital planning process, and transitioning the department to a distributed operations model, Alberta Transportation has saved valuable time and effort while promoting a safe and well-maintained provincial roadway system.

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