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How Bell Canada Improved the Design and Deployment of Its Fiber Broadband Network

As Canada’s largest telecommunications provider, Bell Canada offers a broad range of wireline and wireless communication services. Discover how Bell Canada deployed Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works to automate critical network design steps, reduce redundant data entry, and ensure data integrity.

Top 3 Benefits of Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher

Recently we released Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher, our new thin-client application that provides core call-taking and dispatching capabilities via browsers. Here’s a look at the top three benefits of Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher.

Controlling the Recovery, Not the Weather

With severe storms, damage to the utility network is inevitable, which makes preparation essential. In our latest webinar “Simplified Storm Recovery Through Automation for Your Utility,” we explore the importance of preparing for weather events as well as having the right tools in place to quickly recover and store services.

How Bayernwerk Uses Unified System to Improve Utility Network Management

Formed from the merger of five regional utility companies, Bayernwerk is the largest electric and gas distribution network operator in Bavaria, and one of the largest in Germany. Discover how Bayernwerk implemented Intergraph G/Technology to streamline data access, improve decision-support companywide, and reduce operating costs.

Managing Major Incidents and Events Around the World

In this HxGN TV episode, we talk to Fabian Zwimpfer, Lori Cox, and Rod Martinsen about how Intergraph Planning & Response integrates and coordinates resources, procedures, and communications for individual agencies across jurisdictions and tiers of command. Watch as we discuss how Intergraph Planning & Response is being used by agencies in various parts of the world.

Innovating Sensibly at Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation

In a recent article for The Distributor, Ontario's Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation talks about how it uses our utility solutions to improve network connectivity, ensure data quality, restore services faster, and drive customer satisfaction. Read the full article today.

Transitioning to the Cloud: How Amtrak Keeps Personnel Informed During HxGN LIVE, we had the pleasure of hearing and learning about how Amtrak's Police Department was transitioning its records management system to the cloud. Here are a few highlights and key takeaways from Amtrak's session.
Top 5 Reasons to Attend HxGN LOCAL Australia 2017

Looking to discover best practices, discuss industry trends and hot topics, participate in hands-on training, explore new technology innovations, and network with industry peers? Here are the top five reasons why you should to attend this year’s HxGN LOCAL Australia conference!

How Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police Used Intergraph Planning & Response for the UEFA Europa League Final

Discover how the Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police used Intergraph Planning & Response to prepare for the UEFA Europa League final, plan for different scenarios, and anticipate various decisions and measures.

What to Expect from Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure at APCO International 2017

This year, APCO International is celebrating its 83rd Annual Conference & Expo on August 13 -16 in Denver, Colorado. And we are excited to see you there! Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see from us at this year’s conference.