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How Access to Intelligent Data Improves Public Safety

Big data isn't dead; it’s simply evolving. At Intergraph SG&I, we see intelligent data as connected data. Information that is integrated, accessible, and easily analyzed by multiple stakeholders and users. Check out this video on how access to intelligent data can improve public safety.

Podcast: Law Enforcement Records Management in the Cloud

In this recent HxGN Radio podcast, Jamie Algatt, product manager and owner of inPURSUIT analytics and mobile apps, Intergraph SG&I, talks about law enforcement records management in the cloud. Enjoy!

Mobile Alert Makes Politicians Clean Up After Themselves

In Denmark, the local version of Mobile Alert is helping make the clean-up efforts after the June national election a little smarter. The app, which has been in use in Denmark for four years, is already widely used with more than 50,000 downloads and close to 1,000 reports a month on incidents like potholes, vandalism, damaged street lights, and more.

Responding to Terrorism, Natural Disasters and Other Critical Threats

Sean Davies, functional designer for Intergraph's Security Division, talks with Laura Beth Ezzell about securing and responding to a hostile environment for events like terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other critical threats to physical infrastructure.

Integrating Public Safety Technology

In this interview, Intergraph SG&I Chief Technology Officer Kalyn Sims discusses Intergraph's modern computer-aided dispatch, integration and interfacing ecosystem, big data management, and the rise of unmanned aerial systems in public safety.

Addressing Cloud Security Issues for Law Enforcement through CJIS Compliance

Last week, American City & County published an article about the Federal Bureau Investigation’s (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Service Division (CJIS) compliance requirements impact on cloud-based technologies. For the article, the publication interviewed Intergraph’s Director of Public Safety John Whitehead to get his view on how CJIS requirements address cloud security issues for law enforcement and homeland security agencies.

3 Things You Should Know About inPURSUIT WebRMS

Law enforcement agencies are already leveraging the power of inPURSUIT and the cloud to manage their data. If you’re considering implementing a cloud-based records management for your law enforcement organization, here are three things you should know about inPURSUIT WebRMS.

ASAP to PSAP: Richmond, Virginia’s Bill Hobgood Receives Inaugural CSAA Public Sector Award

Bill Hobgood, project manager, public safety team in the department of information technology, City of Richmond, Virginia, has worked hard to promote and implement automated secure alarm protocol (ASAP), a program which reduces alarm notification processing time between alarm monitoring companies and public safety answering points (PSAP). In late June, the Central Station Alarm Association International (CSAA) presented Hobgood with its inaugural Public Sector Award at the Electronic Security Expo in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pure Force: Searching for a Single CAD System with Everything in It

Pure Force and Rescue Corporation (Pure Force) envisioned a centralized emergency response system that police, fire, rescue, and ambulance services could rely on. The organization also dreamed of creating one nationwide emergency phone number. It found the answer in Intergraph’s industry-leading Computer-Aided Dispatch system (I/CAD) which delivers the precise solutions that Pure Force needed.

How Bell County Texas Leverages inPURSUIT WebRMS

Last month, Intergraph launched inPURSUIT WebRMS, a cloud-deployable records management system for law enforcement agencies. In this recent HxGN LIVE TV episode, Laura Beth Ezzell talks with Bell County Texas’ Kenneth Brogdon, information technology director, and Mark La Vigne, network and records management administrator, about their recent cut over to inPURSUIT WebRMS.