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Preparing for the Unknown

In this HxGN TV episode,we talk to Joe O' Hare, Superintendent of Field Operations, Boston Emergency Medical Services, about his experience with the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Hear firsthand why it is imperative for public safety professionals to plan for major events and emergency scenarios that are often unknown and complex in nature.

Looking Beyond Upgrading Utility Assets in Storm Prone Areas

Utility providers are stepping up efforts to improve their ability to withstand a storm and recover from it – for an overall more reliable grid. With many preventative actions taking place, are they all truly covered? To better prepare and recover from the next storm, check out the two key focus areas that should be addressed on blue sky days.

How Calgary 911 Uses Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch to Consolidate Operations and Reduce Costs

As one of the largest consolidated public safety communications centers in Canada, Calgary 911 answers and evaluates more than one million emergency and non-emergency calls per year. Discover how our Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch has become central to Calgary 911’s day-to-day operations and incident management capabilities.

How to Leverage Big Data for Public Safety

In this HxGN TV episode, we talk to Jack Williams, global product manager, about how Intergraph InSight Explorer and Intergraph InSight Reporting allow agencies to visualize data, create reports, and conduct analysis. Watch as we discuss how our new suite of analytics and reporting solutions transforms Big Data into actionable intelligence.

How South Sound 911 Built Interoperability Partnerships for a Safer Community

Located in Pierce County, Washington, South Sound 911 is the result of collaborative problem-solving efforts between 911 centers and the community. By using a consolidated computer-aided dispatch system, South Sound 911 is saving taxpayers time and money while improving public safety services for the county's citizens. Here's South Sound 911's story.

Policing in a Digital Society - What to Expect at the CACP 2017 Conference

At this year’s Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference, we will be exhibiting many of our public safety solutions. We are also presenting a session titled, ““Develop a Strategy to Leverage Technology as a Force Multiplier.” Here’s a look at what CACP Conference attendees can expect from Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

How Halton Region Police Service Uses Business Intelligence to Improve Safe Driving Enforcement

An integral part of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Safe Cities approach is intelligence. City governments and agencies need the ability to transform complex data into actionable analysis and informed decisions. For Ontario's Halton Regional Police Service, using intelligence and empowering its officers with impaired driving information has resulted in a program that is making one of Canada's safest cities even safer.

The Time for Storm Preparedness Is Blue Sky Days

Storm preparedness is like car insurance; you are happy that you have it when you need it most. But investing in processes, procedures, and IT systems to manage large storms might seem difficult to justify. In this post, industry expert Eric Charette discusses why investing in a damage assessment solution is critical to any utility restoration plan and outage management strategy.

How to Boost Your Productivity

In this HxGN TV episode, we talk with Nicholas Latham from Enable Networks, a fiber broadband provider in New Zealand. Watch as we discuss how Enable Networks leverages Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works software to increase business productivity and customer satisfaction ratings.

The 4 Fundamentals of Tomorrow’s Safe Cities

Recently, we unveiled our Safe City vision. The underpinning technology of this vision is an enterprise information architecture approach that integrates city organizations and their data into an industry-agnostic platform. In this post, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure's senior vice president of APAC Rodger Soo delves into the four fundamentals of Safe Cities.