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GIS-T 2017 Recap - The Frontier of Excellence

From asset management and safety analysis to how spatial technologies can be used with autonomous vehicles, this year’s GIS Transportation Symposium’s topics spanned a breath of more traditional subjects to cutting-edge ideas and trends.Here’s a look at a few of the major topics discussed at the 2017 GIS-T Symposium.

How the DDOT Automates OS/OW Routing to Expedite Permitting and Ensure Road Safety

Discover how the DDOT’s OS/OW route planning and restriction management solution streamlines the routing process to ensure road safety, increase operational efficiency, and expedite permits for trucking companies.

How Geospatial Technology Fits into Transportation’s IT Mainstream

In this post, transportation industry expert Bruce Aquila discusses how spatially-enabled technologies have evolved within the IT architecture of transportation departments. He also explores how DOTs use web services and the cloud to harness valuable data created by geospatial technologies.

Addressing Industry Concerns at SC&RA's Specialized Transportation Symposium

Here's a look at the top industry topics discussed at this year's Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association's Specialized Transportation Symposium in Orlando, Florida.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance Automates OS/OW Routing to Improve Road Safety and Permitting

Discover how SGI deployed an automated oversize/overweight routing system to reduce permitting times, eliminate human error, and improve transportation safety.

To Host or Not to Host - Transportation Research Board Recap

In early January, the Transportation Research Board held its annual meeting in Washington, D.C. and attracted more than 12,000 transportation professionals from all over the world. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure's Bruce Aquila, senior transportation consultant, discusses this year's meeting and his presentation on the advantages of cloud hosting.

How NJ TRANSIT Improves Services and Real-time Data Management

Discover how NJ TRANSIT built its technology foundation on Hexagon GeoMedia products to streamline real-time data management and improve transportation services to its passengers.

How Italy’s Province of Treviso Improves Road System with Hexagon Software

Discover how the Province of Treviso GIS office uses Hexagon’s GeoMedia Smart Client to improve roadway planning and asset management while deploying highly focused, map-based workflows for the office and field.

3 Challenges and Solutions for Departments of Transportation

State and municipal transportation departments face many obstacles that impact their ability to effectively plan and manage infrastructure and assets We’ve pinpointed three challenges that many DOTs face and offer three solutions that can help these agencies achieve their goal to deliver quality service.

5 Capabilities That Drive Our Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Routing and Permitting Solution

In recent years, many transportation departments across North America have been facing oversize/overweight (OS/OW) routing and permitting challenges To address this growing transportation problem, we've created an integrated, accurate, and faster permitting routing solution for OS/OW vehicles. Here are five capabilities that make our solution a potential game changer for transportation departments.