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How Transportation Organizations Keep Cities Safe

Protecting today’s cities and communities involves multiple organizations, not just first responders. For transportation departments and agencies, protecting the traveling public comes in many forms. We discuss and explore a few examples in this post.

How Snohomish County PUD Uses Intergraph G/Technology for Network Model Management

Discover how SnoPUD uses Intergraph G/Technology’s database-centric architecture for network model management. Learn more about how SnoPUD merges its as-built network with its as-operated model to make daily corrective measures to its services.

Utilities Make Safer Cities Possible

There are many moving parts to make a city safe, and utility companies make a large contribution to achieve that goal. In this post, we look at how utility companies educate citizens, work across multiple jurisdictions, and collaborate with community stakeholders to ensure safer cities.

Fiber Network Management 101: The Basics for Utilities

At DistribuTECH earlier this year, we encountered many utility companies asking some basic questions about fiber optic networks and associated technologies. In this post, we provide a primer and a sample of the topics we'll discuss in our upcoming webinar on April 25th.

Will SC&RA's Specialized Transportation Symposium Mean Big OS/OW Regulation Changes?

In this post, we give you our insights into SC&RA’s Specialized Transportation Symposium, changing oversize/overweight regulations, and how Intergraph SafeHaul helps DOTs modernize routing and permitting.

Don’t Dread the Data – A DistribuTECH 2018 Recap

Last week, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure exhibited at the annual DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition. Here’s a deeper look at the major topics and conversations being discussed in sessions and on the show floor.

Utility Companies Are Emergency Responders Too

Whether maintaining access to drinking water or ensuring power during a major incident, utility companies play a significant role in the recovery process. But when clear communication and working toward common objectives are crucial, how do response agencies and utility companies stay on the same page? In this post, we answer that question and more.

Extending Network Data Across the Utility Enterprise with Intergraph NetWorks

With flexible, accessible, and robust out-of-the-box capabilities, Intergraph NetWorks extends engineering and operational data to critical business systems and users across the utilities enterprise. In preparation for our upcoming webinar, here's a look at Intergraph NetWorks and its capabilities.

Controlling the Recovery, Not the Weather

With severe storms, damage to the utility network is inevitable, which makes preparation essential. In our latest webinar “Simplified Storm Recovery Through Automation for Your Utility,” we explore the importance of preparing for weather events as well as having the right tools in place to quickly recover and store services.

Looking Beyond Upgrading Utility Assets in Storm Prone Areas

Utility providers are stepping up efforts to improve their ability to withstand a storm and recover from it – for an overall more reliable grid. With many preventative actions taking place, are they all truly covered? To better prepare and recover from the next storm, check out the two key focus areas that should be addressed on blue sky days.