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Is your agency looking to enhance its I/CAD capabilities? Maybe it’s considering an analytics and reporting solution. Or maybe you’re thinking about implementing Intergraph Planning & Response. No matter what your agency’s interests are, we feel our Smart Safety & Security sessions offer something for everyone.

If your agency is ready to get more technical and organizational value from its Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure solutions, check out the public safety and security sessions we'll have at HxGN LIVE 2017.

I/CAD, Interfaces & Mobile 9.4 – Focus on Performance, Reliability & Innovation
Change is constant it seems – text, video, social media, next gen communications, cloud, big data, analytics, LTE, and FirstNet – the list goes on. Through it all, public safety agencies must do what they do best – protect property and save lives. Software must help, not hinder. In this extended session, see a live demonstration of our I/CAD 9.4 solutions (including interfaces and mobile), hear about new capabilities delivered on multiple platforms throughout the last year, and get a sneak peek into exciting new solutions coming later this year.

Integrated Emergency Management with Intergraph Planning & Response
Help your agency be better prepared for the next major event. In this session, learn all about Intergraph Planning & Response, a technology solution to help you efficiently collaborate on major events and disasters. Find out how you can coordinate information and resources among diverse organizations at the strategic and tactical levels. And, seamless integration with I/CAD enables additional coordination at the operational level for integrated incident management.

Intergraph InSight Suite – Using Your Data to Increase Productivity
Buried within your I/CAD and Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS products are insights just waiting to be discovered that could be the key to breaking open a case or solving an efficiency problem. Our all-new Intergraph Insight Explorer & Reporting products let you visualize data, create reports, and conduct analysis, effectively converting your data into actionable information. From reporting and dashboards to advanced, map-based analysis, the Intergraph InSight suite enables you to access, analyze, and derive insights from your data without having to be an IT or GIS professional. Discover how these solutions can help you convert your data to information that leads to action and problem-solving.

Making the Most of I/CAD – Things You Can Do for Free
There are many forces in today’s public safety environment that are requiring agencies with shrinking budgets to handle more complex events and an increasing number of incidents. It’s vital for agencies to make the most out of the tools they leverage.  In this session, learn about I/CAD features and time-saving tips you may not be aware of. There are many settings and configuration changes within I/CAD that can help you realize immediate benefits. Everything the instructor highlights will be available as take-home materials, so you can apply these tips after the conference and share them with your coworkers!

Quiz the I/CAD Wizards
Meet with our I/CAD product specialists in a forum setting as they review topics and features beneficial for a successful system. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure is constantly updating our products, and we want to make sure you’re getting the most from them. Bring your questions and quiz our experts. No question is off limits!

How Amtrak Keeps Personnel Informed Via the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud
Have you begun or are considering a migration to Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS, Hexagon’s cloud-deployable records management system? Come hear firsthand how Amtrak implemented this robust solution to work within its complex and unique business processes. Mobility of field personnel was a key goal of this large agency, as was improving operational efficiency and data quality. Learn the details of Amtrak’s implementation of Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS in the Amazon AWS Cloud, and how it’s extending information and operational insight to keep field personnel informed and up to date.

Introducing Our New Public Safety Customer Care Team
Now’s your opportunity to put a face with that voice on the Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure support team! In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to meet many members of our new Americas Customer Care organization. Come meet them face to face and learn more about what they have to offer your agency.

Future-Proofing Public Safety with People-Centered Innovation
The world is ever-changing, and as big data moves from science fiction to an up close and personal, real-time reality, a people-centered approach to innovation has the potential to save lives and lower operating costs. In this interactive presentation, discover our scientific approach to future-proofing our products. Hear about our near-term plans for leveraging the Internet of Things in ways that make your organizations more effective and drive toward creating safer cities around the world. We’ll also share some ways you can directly participate and help us meet your needs more expeditiously.

Avoid Interface Implementation Pitfalls
There is no process more important to determining success than implementation. Implementing or upgrading an interface can be a tricky endeavor, for lots of reasons. Unexpected issues or poor planning can derail any project and lead to significant losses, employee buy-in, time, and money. In this session, learn ways to avoid many familiar pitfalls and problems. Come join the discussion on the technical, political, and technical challenges that can arise when implementing interfaces for your system.

Going Virtual – Virtualized Clients & Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) for I/CAD
Is your agency interested in enhancing security, simplifying upgrades and updates, and extending the life of current end-user hardware with virtualization? Join us for this discussion about virtualized clients and VDI implemented to support I/CAD with Windows 10 clients. This session will cover CPU, memory, and disk IO requirements and recommendations for optimizing and testing your virtual client image prior to production.

The Future of WebJMS
Join us for this session as we discuss the potential jail management features we plan to add to Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS. Learn where we are in the process, what to expect in the first release (and when), and what the future will bring!

Understanding the Advantages of a Resident System Administrator
Is your agency dealing with a lack of resources and budget cuts? Do you not have time to make sure your systems managed and optimized to your liking? Are you interested in implementing a Hexagon resident system administrator (RSA)? In this session, discover how RSAs can really augment or accentuate your current resources and keep your applications and solutions running smoothly. Many agencies use them to handle their upgrade implementations, day-to-day solution care and maintenance, and overall system administration and configurations. And, you have choices! Hexagon offers full-time and part-time RSAs for Hexagon solutions, such as I/CAD and Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS. Stop by to learn about the great advantages available to your agency.

The Continuing Evolution of EdgeFrontier, Hexagon’s Integration Platform
Integration isn’t new. But, due to today’s complicated technology landscape, it’s more relevant than ever before. CAD and RMS systems are at the heart of public safety and infrastructure agencies; however, they all have “accessory applications” that must be integrated. Come see what’s new in Hexagon’s diverse integration platform, EdgeFrontier, and how you can benefit from it. From new connectivity options to new components to new functionality, we invite you to learn how you can use EdgeFrontier to handle a wide range of integration needs for your Hexagon core products.

Roundtable Discussion: How Are You Using Analytics in Your Agency?
In this session, join us as we talk with our panel of experts on topics around big data, analytics, dashboards, reporting, and more. We want to hear what’s important to your agency regarding analytics and situational awareness. Discussions will include how you leverage analytics within your agency, advanced searching and data mining, use-cases, current tools used, forecasting, link/relationship analysis, and trending.

Hands-on Training: How to Use Intergraph InSight Reporting to Generate Reports & Dashboards with SSRS & PowerBI
Being able to tap into your I/CAD data for reporting and analysis is critical to increase operational effectiveness and better decision-making. In this two-hour hands-on training session, learn about our all-new Intergraph InSight Reporting tool, and how it can be used to meet your I/CAD reporting and dashboard needs. You’ll use it to run and generate reports and interactive dashboards. Prerequisites: You need to be familiar working with I/CAD data and running and generating reports using reporting tools. This session has limited capacity, arrive early.

Hands-on Training: How to See the Whole Picture with Intergraph InSight Explorer
Designed with analysts in mind, but accessible to all users, this hands-on training session will have you working directly with Intergraph InSight Explorer to perform map-based analysis on structured and unstructured data from I/CAD and Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS. From performing advanced text searches against full-text fields to generating animated heat maps and reports and building custom queries, you’ll learn the fundamentals of using this new “self-serve” advanced analytics product. And, you don’t have to be a GIS professional do real analysis. We invite you to come learn more. This session has limited capacity, arrive early.

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